Rev. Dr. Deb Berman, DMin, LCSW
Founder, Pride Ministry


Welcome Home to PrideMinistry!

Welcome Queer yogis, pursuers of peace, LGB champions of justice, lovers of humankind. Welcome you honorable sacred partnerships. Leather Families, Alternative Kinship constellations, Chosen Families, and families of one.
Welcome beautiful and vibrant polycules, blended families, and stepfamilies. Welcome Fat, voluptuous, and abundant Buddha bodies of light.  Welcome Alt Relationship prophets, Asexual shamans, Intersex seers, and glorious Genderqueer deities. Welcome Gender Non Conforming and Nonbinary poets and mystics. Welcome! Welcome visionary Allies, you seekers of justice. Welcome Monogamous lovers, Consensually Non-Monogamous sacred partnerships, and platonic committed lifelong friendships. Welcome Transgender holypeople and our esteemed Two Spirit leaders. Welcome Wheelchair Users and gurus of diverse abilities and gifts. Welcome! Welcome beloved Sacred Intimates, Dakinis of compassion, Sex Workers, brave advocates, and shamanic healers. Welcome glorious young people, the dream of the Alt ancestors. We especially welcome and Affirm our community’s treasured Wisepeople and Sages, you who are the elders of our Alt sacred movement and the historians of our rich heritage and legacies.  Welcome ancestors — you who literally gave your lives so that we could be here together today.
To all of you — Alt, Alt Exploring, Allies, people who are simply curious about what Altness means — I take my shoes off to each and every one of you and kiss the Earth beneath your feet because your journeys are sacred ground indeed. I see you. I hear you. I feel you. I know you. I love you.  YOU are the blessing.
Amen. Ashe. Aho.  And so it is.

With love and affirmation,

Rev. Deb

Founder, PrideMinistry