A Message of Love and Belonging from Rev. Deb 

Rev. Dr. Deb Berman, DMin, LCSW
Founder, Spiritual Director, Senior Minister
Pride Ministry
email: info@prideministry.com


Namaste Beloveds!  Welcome to PrideMinistry!


Welcome Queer yogis, pursuers of peace, LGB champions of justice, lovers of humankind.  Welcome you honorable Leather Families and Chosen Families. Welcome beautiful and vibrant polycules, blended families, and families of one.  Welcome LGB prophets, asexual shamans, intersex seers, and glorious genderqueer deities.  Welcome!  Welcome visionary allies and seekers of justice.  Welcome monogamous lovers, consensually non-monogamous partnerships, and ethically committed friendships.  Welcome transgender holypeople and our esteemed Two Spirit leaders.  Welcome voluptuous and abundant Buddha bodies of life.  Welcome wheelchair users and gurus of varying abilities and disabilities.  Welcome!  Welcome beloved sacred intimates, dakinis of compassion, brave advocates, and shamanic healers.  Welcome glorious young people, the dream of the ancestors.  We especially welcome and honor our community’s treasured wisepeople and sages, you who are the elders of our movement and the oral historians of our rich heritage and legacies.

I take my shoes off to each and every one of you and kiss the Earth beneath you because your journeys are sacred ground indeed.  I see you. I hear you. I feel you. I know you.  I bless you.

PrideMinistry is YOUR tribe — a vibrant Interfaith/Interspiritual family of people of Alternative, Non-Conforming, atypical, and non-mainstream sex, sexuality, sexual practices, gender, and relationship identity markers, and their Allies.   We find ourselves at a spiritual, emotional, and life crossroads in this particular era in history  – a time of egoism, war, reckless individualism, sexism and misogyny, sexual violence, oppression, hate crimes, casual racism, internment of children, separation of families, increased institutionalized anti-LGBTQ legislation, and more.  This is also an era of great possibilities for personal change, for spiritual ascension, for taking stark inventory of ourselves, and for working together to bring about a revolution of ethics, love, and belonging for all.

We need each other now more than ever. We need spiritual community now more than ever.  We need a safe haven more than ever where we can love and be loved, understood, held, and blessed.  No Alternative Lifestyle, Alternative Relationship, LGBTQAI+, GNC, Kink, Leather, Non Conforming, or Poly/CNM  person should be left to suffer in spritual isolation, or feel forced to conceal within their faith community who and how they love, or feel shamed for the unique and beautiful ways in which they reach sexual and spiritual ecstacy.

Here at PrideMinistry we encourage you to come as you are in all of your Divinely-granted glory. At your new spiritual community – with in-person and online programs and resources — you can sit right up front with your family constellation as you define it, speak freely and openly with your friends, and rest assured that LGBTQAI+ persons will not be treated like an “Inclusion” item to be checked off a list as an institution’s supposed good deed for the day.

In this moment in history, PrideMinistry is blessed to have you join us in love, friendship, fierceness, and authenticity.  In each of you, I truly see the immeasurably beautiful, awe-inspiring spirit of Divine Creatrix themselves. 

I bless you, Dear Ones.  You are whole. You are beautiful.  You are loved.

Yours truly,

Rev. Deb