Core Values

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The Core Values of Pride Ministry 

Interfaith/Interspirituality –With the flexibility and open-mindedness of the Interspiritual lens, we honor and encourage spiritual expression through diverse wisdom paths, faiths, practices, ideas, and traditions.

The Divine as Nonbinary – We refer to the Divine Mystery themselves as the fluid, organic, ever shifting the state of the Universe and existing in infinite faces and facets, all genders and no genders, diverse and limitless in nature, defying human-made false binaries.

Honoring People Who Have Suffered Spiritual/Religious Injury — We fully validate the experiences and journeys of people who have endured subtle and overt wounding perpetrated by religious communities, clergy, and family systems.  We dedicate ourselves to fostering a safe, understanding and affirming environment where participants can connect to their spiritual longings in a community of supportive spiritual seekers, and in ways that feel safe and authentic to each individual.

Recognition of Our Own Divine Nature – We strive to remain awake to the holiness in all things, including within ourselves, through commitment to personal growth and development,  and a deep compassion for self and others.

Human Sexuality is Diverse and Sacred – We recognize that diverse sexual orientations, identities, practices, and preferences are a gift from the Divine, holy and unique to each individual. There is no superior form of consensual intimate expression among consenting adults, as we are all created in the diverse, multifaceted, infinite image of the Divine Creatrix hirself.  We acknowledge the need for people to treat human sexuality and interpersonal connections with mindfulness and with the utmost emphasis on mutual consent and the well being of all.

Relationships are Diverse and Sacred – We recognize, celebrate, and acknowledge the sacredness of all relationship configurations among consenting adults. There is no superior form of relationship.  Just as Divine Consciousness expresses their love and connectedness in an incalculable number of ways, so does humankind.  Love is boundless and all of its authentic expressions are holy.

Honoring The Ancestors – We remember and revere the ancestors of the LGBTQ, Alternative Relationship/ Alternative Lifestyle, Poly/Consensual Non-Monogamy, Kink/BDSM/Leather, and LGBTQAI+ Movements. We invoke them in our hearts and homes so that we may understand our deep and rich connection to our heritages and histories. In remembering the ancestors, we also acknowledge our own obligation to strive to live our best possible lives so that we may serve as role models to future generations when we take our place among honored community forbearers.

Taking Care of Each Other – We understand that compassion is not just a sentiment, but that it is a call to action to engage in mutual support in real and tangible ways.  We strive to not let sex, sexuality, sexual practices, gender, or relationship minority persons live in spiritual isolation.

Living with Integrity – We build trust through respect, honesty, ethical behavior, fair-mindedness, reason and rationality.