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Our Mission


It is the mission of PrideMinistry to foster a safe, sacred, embracing, and welcoming Interfaith/Interspiritual community for individuals, partnerships, households, friendships, and families in Alternative Lifestyles, Alternative Relationships, and Non Traditional constellations; for people who identify as being part of sex, sexuality, sexual practices, or gender minority groups; for individuals whose identities are Non Conforming and defy binaries; and their committed Allies.

This vibrant spiritually Alternative tribe is committed to enriching participants’ spiritual lives, and providing a safe, loving, and nurturing safe haven for non-traditional seekers.  We do so by offering a plethora of Affirming services, programs, and resources to meet the diverse lifecycle, ritual, worship, liturgy, and spiritual counseling needs of participants.  We are deeply and wholly committed to bringing the continued development of sacred consciousness to ourselves, our communities, and the wider world, which so desperately need us to live in our Truth, claim our Queer, Genderqueer, Alternative, Non Traditional, Non Binary, and Non Conforming birthrights, and support each other in remaining nourished, safe, held, and heard.