What people are saying about Rev. Deb and PrideMinistry

How has PrideMinistry been a blessing in your life? Tell us your story.

Not your grandparents’ Reverend!

I saw Reverend Deb talk at a service in Brooklyn. She was INSPIRING.  One of the best speakers I’ve ever heard.  She radiated pure kindness and wisdom.  She said words like queer and alternative relationships and polyamorous ON THE PULPIT.  That was a first for me! I felt like she was acknowledging me and my chosen family and talking directly to my heart and to my life.  Beautiful.

Anika, Activist
Chelsea, NYC

Rev. Deb is the Real Deal

I am a shaman and have the honor of knowing Dr. Deb for some time.  She is both incredibly knowledgeable and utterly heartfelt.  Her ability to create and encourage freeflowing communication is almost beyond description.  PrideMinistry is a wonderful place that allows me to be myself in a setting of complete comfort and welcome, and I am very, very grateful to Rev. Deb for making it happen!
Shaman William Wolf
New York City

Rev. Deb’s Wisdom is Unparalleled

Rev. Deb is a perfect confidante, the kindest of listeners, but she also isn’t afraid to challenge injustice.  Perhaps her greatest asset, however, is her incredible sense of humor.  She always makes me laugh and laugh, and sometimes that is the only healing you ever need at any given moment.  I recommend Rev. Deb and PrideMinistry without hesitation to anyone who needs an empathetic and wise guide through the thorny sections of life’s path.
Dito van Reigersberg, aka Martha Graham Cracker 

Best Couseling

I’m queer, kinky, and asexual.  I was having a really hard time with my family and I saw Rev. Deb for spiritual counseling.  She was like Mother Earth.  Warm and wise.  I had the most healing and experience of my life in the 4 sessions I had with her.  I felt whole and happy.

-AR, located in Denver, Colorado