Affirming Rituals & Lifecycle Ceremonies

Rev. Deb and the wider PrideMinistry professional community are dedicated to creating, supporting, and officiating beautiful and moving ceremonies, rituals, and lifecycle events that affirm Kink, BDSM, Leather, Fetish, Queer, Poly/CNM, and LGBTQAI+ experiences, and honor Alternative Relationships/Lifestyles/Families/Households. We are delighted to partner with you to create large, medium-sized, or intimate events that reflect your values, your wisdom path, your faith tradition/no faith tradition, your culture, and your personal journey.

We invite you to visit our directory of participating officiants, celebrants, and ritual leaders. Click here!

Rev. Deb’s partial sample list of ceremonies:

  • Coming Out
  • Gender Transition
  • Dead Name Burial
  • Poly Unions
  • Weddings (LGB, GNC, and more)
  • Collaring Ceremonies
  • Baby Blessings (Non-gendered language)
  • Consecration of New Home
  • Blessings and Opening Benediction for Sexuality-Positive Conferences
  • Opening up of Marriages/Relationships
  • Blessing of Play Spaces, Venues, and Events
  • Funerals and Memorial Services
  • Miscarriage and Infertility
  • Work or Personal Ventures
  • Surviving Abuse and Trauma
  • Grief and Mourning
  • Uncoupling
  • Uncollaring
  • Marking the End of a Relationship
  • Dedication of Affirming Businesses
  • And more