Prayer For the Nonbinary or Alternative Soul

By Rev. Deb Berman

A blessing celebrating the Nonbinary/Non-Conforming God and the Divine nature of people who identify as Sex, Sexuality, Sexual Practices, Gender, and/or Relationship Alternative.


Divine Creatrix. Great Nonbinary Mystery. You who are all feminine, all masculine, all gendered and no gendered. You who are the fluid, ever-shifting state of the universe.  Divine Consciousness in your infinite faces and facets.

We are your children, made in your boundless image. Those of us who are sex, sexuality, sexual practices, gender, or relationship Non-Conforming. We who live in the space between spaces. In the time between times. We seek each other in the dark not because we are ashamed, but because it is in the dark where everything is illuminated. It is where the Divine sees all, and we see the Divine. We find each other’s shadow selves utterly irresistible. It is in the dark where we touch each other’s souls, where sensuality and humanity and divinity intertwine in sacred love. For love is boundless and for some of us who dwell in that space between spaces, we know that we cannot contain our love. How can you possibly contain such a thing as love?

We thank you Divine Consiousness, nonbinary force, masculine and feminine, feminine and masculine, all of these, between these, none of these. They who made us infinite in identity and form.

To all in this community, our tribe, who are Nonbinary, Nonconforming, or Alternative – who are fluid or defy spurious human-made categories – I say this to you: Remember the ancestors who gave their lives so that we could be here together today.

Hear them say to you each morning when you wake:

Rise! Rise my dear one! Rise my treasure!  Rise my love! Rise and show up! For if you do not show up, I assure you that they will make it up. Rise! Rise up my love, my dearest, and when you rise up in your Truth you will ascend to sit in the palm of your God.