It is the mission of PrideMinistry to foster a safe and Affirming Interfaith/Interspiritual community for individuals, partnerships, and families in Alternative Relationships and Alt Kinship constellations; for people who identify as being part of sex, sexuality, sexual practices, and/or gender minority groups; and for folx whose identities are Non Conforming and defy false binaries.  This includes but is not limited to Kink, Leather, BDSM, Fetish, Polyamory, Ethical Non Monogamy, Queer, Genderqueer, Chosen Family, Families of One, Two Spirit, Sex Workers, LGB, Fluid or Evolving, Questioning, Exploring, and much more.

This vibrant Interfaith/Interspiritual collective is comprised of Altfolx from diverse wisdom paths and faith traditions, as well as Spiritual-But-Not-Religious, Humanistic, Atheist, Existentialist, Agnostic, and fierce Skeptics.  The core theological principle of PrideMinistry is that Altness is not cleaved or exiled from holiness, but rather Alt identities and practices are sacred facets of the nature of the Universe, infinite in form and expression.  As such, PrideMinistry offers a plethora of inspiring and nourishing Alt Affirming services and programs to companion Altfolx on their spiritual unfolding and life journeys.  PrideMinistry also provides advocacy and education to the wider religious world on moving away from the problematic Inclusionism model and more toward adopting an informed model of authentic Affirmation of Alt spiritual seekers.

These services include:

⊛ Online spiritual counseling for individuals, relationships, polycules and Chosen Families around the globe.

⊛ Online and in-person Alt Affirming officiant and ritual leadership.

⊛ Events, worship, and support groups for spiritually interested Altfolx.

⊛ Advocacy for Altfolx seeking health, food, shelter, and disability resources.

⊛ Professional development and coaching for leadership of houses of worship.

⊛ Courses and electives for seminaries, universities, and training institutes.

⊛ Guest lecturer for retreats, workshops, panels, and conferences.


By Rev. Dr. Deb Berman     website:; email: