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FAQs About Membership and Donations/Offerings

¤ Membership is, at this time, free of charge (with an optional opportunity to make a financial offering).

¤ Consider joining and/or giving if you believe in our mission of fostering an environment where spiritually oriented LGBQTAI+, Non Conforming, and Alternative Relationship-identifying participants and their Allies can worship, foster friendships, learn, pray, laugh, love, and be linked to diverse faith-based services in an affirming environment of authenticity, love, and support.

¤ Donations and offerings to PrideMinistry are not tax dedcutible at this time.  Your contribution is a wonderful gift that will directly help us expand our programming, offer scholarships, and pay our interns, among other worthwhile goals.

¤ PrideMinistry runs almost solely on the support of donors, supporters, and benefactors like you. 

¤ Membership is a declaration of support for the development of spirituality-based programming that aims to meet the worship, counseling, lifecycle, and educational needs of Alternative Relationships/Alternative Lifestyles, Kink, Queer, Trans, Poly, LGBTQAI+ and more.

¤ The reasons to become a member, and the meaning of membership, will be different for each individual. Perhaps you have particular needs, and interests.  Perhaps you are a spiritual seeker, and wish to gain deeper connection to what it means to be both spiritual and Alternative or Non-Conforming. Perhaps you would like to meet other spiritually-minded people of your tribe.  Perhaps you wish to take part in our programming.  Perhaps you are an ally who wants to see something positive like PrideMinistry grow and develop during this era of increasing oppression of sex, sexuality, and gender minorities.

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There is absolutely no fee required to become a member of our network of professionals.


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Lifecycle Officiants, Celebrants, and Ritual Leaders

  • PrideMinistry is dedicated to helping people with with diverse sex, sexuality,  gender, sexual practices, family, household, and relationship identities have stress-free access to knowledgable and affirming officiants, celebrants, and ritual leaders who understand them.  PrideMinistry invites you to list your affirming service in our online directory (free of charge).

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Spiritual Counselors

  • PrideMinistry is dedicated to helping people who identify as Poly/CNM, Queer, Genderqueer, Kinky, BDSM, Leather, Fetish, Trans, LGB and more, to gain access to supportive, skilled, and welcoming, spiritual counselors who understand them, celebrate them, and will not try to change or challenge who they are, who they love, and how they live.  List your affirming spiritual counseling practice in our online directory (free of charge).

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Event Vendors and Services

  • Are you an affirming event vendor or service provider, such as a baker, photographer, DJ, florist, bootblack, clothing maker, jeweler, driver, caterer, leathersmith, event planner, etc… ?  Apply here to become part of the Pride Ministry online directory (free of charge).

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Service is a sacred act and a way of life.

PrideMinistry could not run without the grace and wisdom of volunteers.

To discuss volunteering your time, skills, craft, venue, and beautiful spirit, please reach out to us.


Applications coming soon!

Starting February 15th, 2019 PrideMinistry will be taking applications for 2 intern positions.
 Stay tuned for further details!

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