Calendar of Upcoming 2019 Worship Services, Groups, and Faith Community Events — Stay tuned for more details and more events!

We do not disclose the locations of our events except to attendees after they have registered/RSVP’d and PrideMinistry has confirmed that registration.  



♥  Supervision Group for Affirming Spiritual Counselors & Clergy (Online)

Date/Time: Starts early 2019. Dates TBD.

Faciliated by Rev. Deb Berman, LCSW, this twice-monthly professional supervision group is for spiritual counselors, clergy, and seminary students who have interest in, or are currently working with, clients or congregants who are LGBTQAI+, Poly/Consensually Non Monogamous, Kinky, or are in Alternative Relationships or Alternative Lifestyles.  This group is warm, collegial, and encouraging.  We will we will work through questions, issues, obstacles, ideas, concerns, hurdles, and countertransference.  

Fee: Suggested offering $45-$60 per session.  

Duration of session:  90 minutes, every other week for 12 weeks. 

Location: Online via Zoom

RSVP:  Interested in learning more about this group? Click here to let us know.

♥ PrideMinistry Alternative Souls Interfaith Monthly Brunch (Meets near Midtown Manhattan)

Date/Time: Coming early 2019. Date TBD.

PrideMinistry loves brunch.  We really, really do!  Brunch is pretty much a way of life for us, and we believe that brunchliness is close to godliness.  Come hang out with a group of warm and welcoming spiritually-minded, brunch-loving seekers of diverse faith traditions and wisdom paths.  Come as you are in all of your Kinky, LGBTQAI+, Poly, Questioning, Non-Conforming, Genderqueer, and Alt glory!  We will discuss current and timely spiritual topics through the Interfaith/Interspiritual lens, as participants support each other in developing and maintaining personal spiritual practices to boost happiness and inner balance, and to live an authentically Altfabulous life. 

Fee: Nothing except the cost of your own brunch; if we have a guest presenter that month (usually an ordained clergyperson) you have the option of making a small financial offering, but it is not required.  

Location: Location to be disclosed after your RSVP is reviewed and confirmed.  The venue is Queer owned, Kink-supportive, and celebrating of Alt Relationships and Lifestyles.  They have graciously given us use of their private event space, which has an amazing view.  Their brunch specials rock.  

Attire:  Casual.  

RSVP:  If you are interested in attending this event or any of our other events click here to let us know.

♥ Queerness, Spirituality, and Belonging (online and in-person) 

Date/Time:  Fall 2019

Fee: TBD

Duration of Session: TBD

Location:  In person and online

RSVP:  Interested in learning more about this event? Click here and send us an email to offer your thoughts and ideas.


♥ PrideMinistry Affirming Theologian Lecture Series (in person and online)

Date/Time: Starts March 1, 2019

Every 4-6 weeks join us in-person or online for a theological presentation and discussion by an accomplished and affirming theologian, clergyperson, or faith community leader from a world religion.  Topics may include: Kink as a spiritual practice; metamours in the Torah, Quran, and Bhagavad Gita; Indigenous faiths and the theology of genderqueerness; POCs and sacred spiritual practice; the Genderqueer journey of the spirit; creating personal sacred space in a violent world; Dharma and Alt Relationships; and more.  If you have an idea for a topic that you would really like to see us present, please let us know!  We are happy to get your input about what is meaningful and interesting to you.

Fee: TBD

Duration of Session: 2 hours.

Location:  In-person and Online

RSVP:  Interested in learning more about these upcoming events? Click here to let us know.


♥  Pop-up  Holiday Services, NYC

Stay tuned for our 2019 schedule of our FABULOUS, affirming, and beautiful holiday worship services for the Alternative Soul!

Location:  It’s a surprise!  In NYC.  We think you’ll love what we have planned!  And there will be cake.  We never do anything without cake.

Stay tuned for more events and details!  If you sign up to become a member or sign up to receive the PrideMinistry newsletter, we will be able to send you notices about upcoming online and in-person events.