Rev. Dr. Deb Berman, DMin, LCSW (she/her)
Founder, PrideMinistry

I offer a plethora of education and professional development services at the intersection of sex, sexuality, gender, relationships, and faith.

I am also a warm and nurturing Affirmation consultant for organizational leadership who want to deepen their understanding of what it means to meet the spiritual and faith community needs of Non Conforming spiritual seekers.

My education services include:

Teaching seminary and university courses and electives. Topics may include: Queer, Genderqueer, and Alt Vocab 101 and Intro to Key Concepts; Alt Statistics; Sex and Gender Myth Busting; Contemporary Polyamory from The Sacred Sexuality Movement to the Walking Marriages of the Mosuo of China; The Divine Nonbinary Across Global Faith Traditions; Gender Plurality Eastern Godheads; Inclusionism versus Affirmation of Alt and Queer Spiritual Seekers; Buddhist Psychology and Altness; 500 Years of BDSM Ritual in Christianity; Polyamory and Ethical Non Monogamy in World Religions; The Faith Community Needs of Alt Relationships; BDSM and Kink in Religious Canon; Queer Theology; safe and non-judgmental Q&A; and more.

Partnering with faith community and organizational leadership to educate, nurture, and encourage their efforts to more deeply and fully understand the spiritual, cultural, and community needs of sex, sexuality, gender, and relationship minority spiritual seekers.

Serving on panel discussions as an expert on Alternative Relationships and identities, spiritual counseling of Altfolx and Queerfolx, organizational leadership, and more.

Offering heart-centered courses to officiants and celebrants in crafting blessings, ceremonies, and rituals that affirm the culture and lifecycle markers of spiritual seekers who identify as Alt Relationship, Queer, Polyamorous, Genderqueer, in a mixed-orientation relationship, and more.

Facilitating safe and confidential affinity groups for Alt-identifying or Alt Questioning clergy, spiritual leadership, and pastoral counselors can engage in sacred connection, discuss professional and personal matters, and receive support in nourishing their divinely created Alt souls.

Providing consulting services to organizers of spiritual retreats, conferences, and events on practical, no-cost, and simple ways to create a safe and Affirming environment for participants who may identify in some way as Alternative or Non-Conforming.