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PrideMinistry is an Affirming sex, sexuality, gender, and relationship safe haven for all souls. We are Spiritual-But-Not-Religious and our message is simple: Altness and Queerness are not cleaved from sacredness, but rather they are beautiful tendrils of the Great Creatrix Hirself. We are solely dedicated to nurturing and Affirming your own beautiful and sacred Self so that you get what you want out of life and love.

Our mission is to honor the diverse tapestry of human connections by offering online and in-person:

1. Holistic and Integrative counseling for people who identify as Alternative Relationship, Alt Kinship, Kink, Poly, ENM, BDSM, LGBTQAI2+, Straight, Sex Worker, Monogamous, Fluid, In Discernment, Allies, and beyond.

2. Soulful relationship coaching (Poly, ENM, Monogamous, Nesting Partnerships, CPE, Families/Relationships of One, etc..).

3. Beautiful online and in-person retreats.

PrideMinistry stands as a beacon of love and spiritual safety for all. Guided by the light of empathy and driven by a profound reverence for love in all its forms, we are here to serve you on your life’s journey. Counseling and coaching sessions with us are both solution-focused and nurturing. We will help you to address and resolve whatever feels most present for you in your life, be it work, relationship challenges, stress, feeling stuck, anxiety, sadness, seeking inner peace and confidence, family dynamics, parenting, setting healthy boundaries, sex, sexuality, gender, loss, grief, and more — or just needing a soft place to land as you survive another day.

Our work with clients and seekers is grounded in Sex Positivity, Relationship Plurality, Yoga Philosophy, Queer Theology, Humanism, Radical Body Positivity, Ayurvedic principles, the Modern Sacred Sexuality Movement, Buddhist Psychology, Spiritual Companioning, Mindfulness, the modern Sacred Sexuality Movement, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Feminist Theory, Trauma Counseling, Grief Work, Relationship Counseling, and Interpersonal Coaching.

As you step into PrideMinistry, know that you are not alone. You are part of a tapestry of souls, each weaving their unique story into the fabric of our Alt and Queer and Non-Conforming lineages and legacies. Together, we embrace the beauty of diversity, the power of love, and the strength that comes from living authentically in the safety of a community .

Welcome to your sanctuary. Welcome to PrideMinistry.

With warmth and blessings,

Reverend Dr. Deborah Berman, DMin, LCSW

Founder, PrideMinistry

Counseling & Coaching

Safe. Confidential. Private.

Online internationally. Limited number of in-person sessions in Amsterdam.

Events & Groups

Registration is now open for 2023-2024 PrideMinistry groups and events. Limited space. Secure your seat now!

For Professionals

We invite you to book Rev. Deb to lead one of her signature trainings online or in-person at your house of worship, spiritual community, university, or seminary. 

Rev. Dr. Deb Berman is an intuitive and deeply compassionate counselor and healer. Her clinical experience, expansive knowledge of spirituality, and love of all people combine to make her a gifted soul who is able to offer hope and help to those who need both.

Rev Dr. Thaeda Franz

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